Sugar Babies Can Have a Sugar Daddy Without Meeting in Canada If You Keep Looking

Sugar Daddy Dating in Canada is different from what you have in other countries. Let’s discuss why. To begin with, Canada is one of the richest countries in the world. You will find more millionaires per 1,000 people in Canada than even in the United States. There is enormous wealth in that country, which makes it a ripe target for sugar dating.

But Canada is also a sparsely populated country. For rich men in Canada, the dating pool is minimal. There are a lot of men who achieve great success in their business or career there, but they can get lonely and depressed because of the lack of a female companion.

That’s why Sugar Dating sites such as, which connect Canadian Sugar Daddies to young and beautiful Sugar Babies from around the world, are such a big deal there.

You will have the pick of the richest and most successful Canadian Sugar Daddies on our site. The interesting thing about Canadian Sugar Daddies is that many don’t insist on a meeting – they are happy enough if you talk to them online or by phone.

Many Canadian Sugar Daddies are the rich but shy type. They are perfect gentlemen, but may not want a physical meeting with a Sugar Baby. They are happy to interact with you online.

“Sugar daddy no meeting” is a concept that has taken off on Canadian sugar dating sites such as You will meet many types of Sugar Daddies from Canada here who are lonely inside and looking for a pretty female companion.

Now, what does this mean for you as a Sugar Baby?

Will you still get the same Sugar Baby Allowance as you would, had there been a meeting or an offline date?

Yes, you will! You will get the same allowance, gifts or financial support from a Sugar Daddy without meeting them as you would, had you met with them.

These Sugar Daddies may be the shy and retiring type, but they are certainly not short on money. They are more than willing to shower you with gifts. They may provide you with a $5,000 worth Amazon Gift Card, for example, so that you can buy whatever you want online.

Canadian Sugar Daddies, as we said, are perfect gentlemen. They respect women and admire beauty and youth. They want to talk to you, hear about your issues and help you out if they can.

Here are 3 tips on how to make your “Sugar Daddy No Meeting” Relationship Work.

#1: If you’re okay with having a relationship with a Sugar Daddy that does not require a meeting, then say so in your profile. Be clear and honest in your communications, and never lie about yourself. Say what you are, where you are from, how old you are and what you expect from such a relationship.

#2: Always dress well and be at your best when you chat online with a Sugar Daddy – just like you would on an offline date. There is no excuse for poor behavior or laziness. Always be smart and look like a supermodel.

#3: Be nice and smile! Don’t tell the Sugar Daddy about your problems, such as your troubled childhood. Remember, he is looking for female companionship and wants to have a joyful time with you – he is not a counselor or a psychiatrist! Be sweet to him, and always be happy and optimistic.