How Should Canada Sugar Baby Cope With Rejection from Sugar Daddies?

Are you a Sugar Baby in Canada? Canada is Sugar Country, which means there is no shortage of Sugar Babies or Sugar Daddies here.

Indeed, one of the curiosities about this mutual arrangement relationships is that there are more Sugar Babies than Sugar Daddies. Yes, go to any Sugar Dating site, you will find Sugar Daddies outnumbered by Sugar Babies by a ratio of 1 to 5.

This makes the Sugar Bowl one of the very few areas where there is a much higher demand for men than women. Usually, if you go to any bar, there are like a half a dozen men surrounding every beautiful girl, hoping to catch her attention.

The Sugar Bowl is different because let’s face it, there aren’t that many rich and successful men in the world. Wealth and success is a rare commodity, which is why there is so much talk about the 1% vs. 99% (Remember the Occupy Wall Street movement?)

As a result, even if you’re a beautiful young woman who wants to be a Sugar Baby , you will find yourself competing with other equally young and beautiful young women for the attention of only a select few wealthy older men – Sugar Daddies.

So Sugar Daddies have all the power. They have the power to pick and choose and reject several Sugar Babies before choosing to go out with one. As a beautiful young woman, you’re probably not used to rejection – until now.

Let’s talk about how Canadian Sugar Babies should cope with rejection from Sugar Daddies.

#1: Don’t invest everything into just one single Sugar Daddy.

The best way to cope with rejection from a Sugar Daddy Canada is to diversify. Don’t just rely on a single Sugar Daddy – remember, this is a temporary relationship, and nothing more than a business transaction. When you’re completely involved with a particular Sugar Daddy Canada to the exclusion of everyone else, the rejection, when it comes, can be painful. Never put yourself in such a situation.

#2: Don’t stress yourself about it.

The thing about rejections in the Sugar Bowl is that they are never personal. This is nothing from a transactional relationship – there are no feelings or emotions involved in Sugar Dating. If you’re upset with that, well, you only have yourself to blame. So, take it like a game, don’t get emotionally attached to such things and don’t fret over a rejection by a Sugar Daddy. Just move on to the next one!

#3: Don’t blame yourself.

If you’re upset about a rejection more than you should be, then give it time. Time heals everything. You will get over this feeling of humiliation very soon. It’s okay to cry, don’t judge yourself for it. Remember, you are a strong, beautiful, independent young woman. You’re not defined by your relationships in the Sugar Bowl, but by an inner strength that comes from within. Never indulge in self-pity.

 #4: Look for ways to improve yourself.

If you’re rejected far too many times, then it could be that there is some issue with your profile. Have pictures taken by a professional photographer, write a compelling profile description, and present yourself as someone who is exciting and fun, young and vivacious. Be prompt in responding to messages from prospective Sugar Daddies, dress well, and take care of your body. Yes, that means going to the gym and lifting weights regularly. Don’t be lazy!