Why not Find a sugar daddy in canada?

Canada is a country in the North America with a total population of 37.59 million people. With such a huge number of people, you can imagine the number of businesses to feed, clothe and see the country’s gross domestic products grow. Some are in genuine business while others are not. The country has its capitals in Ottawa. It is surprising to find out that despite Ottawa being the capital city, the godfather of sugar daddy dating relationships is in Toronto. The universities in Toronto has led to the high increase of sugar relationships. Seeking arrangements Canada has been highly used in Toronto specifically in the universities. Students have many reasons to get into this relationships more than the already working people. But why do older men get into sugar daddy relationships?

Too busy for a family

Sugar daddies are not able to work for success and at the same time maintain healthy relationship with a wife and a family. The commitment is too huge for them because they have less time to spare. If a sugar daddy started a family, then that family might even forget they have a father because they rarely see him. Instead of making innocent souls go through a life of loneliness, especially the wife, it is much better if you do not get into a serious relationship at all. This leads to them growing old without a family and their life is full of boredom while in the house. Making money is not bad, in fact, rich men are well respected by many, but you can get too busy with travelling and business meetings until a family gets tired of you and leaves.

Their partner won’t have sex with them

Some are married and have been married for many years. But their wives are no longer interested in having sex with them. A man will always be a man. To quencher the thirst of manhood, they go out looking for younger women who can sexually satisfy them. Instead of picking up prostitutes on the streets they prefer to have sugar babies who they get to spoil with money in exchange for sex. It might sound like prostitution but it is a bit sophisticated because here, the two parties can decide to have a monogamous relationship, purely based on sex. Secret arrangements by these two sugars are different from the prostitution.


I think a sugar baby who gets a sugar daddy in need of companion benefits a lot. All he wants is your company. Accompany him to the mall for shopping, to the hotel for a business dinner or even in his house and prepare something nice for him. Not that he doesn’t have house managers and chef to cook for him, but because he want someone who does not refer to him as boss and who he can connect with. Sitting in a car by himself and going shopping is boring. Attending a party by himself without someone to talk to is boring, and spending every night in his house by himself is cold and boring as well. Your companion is all they need. Be present for them and hold their hand as you walk is all they want. a partner to dance with in that party.

Personal decision

Crazy but a reason. So many posts have talked about why sugar babies get into the business, but none or just a few have talked about why sugar daddies do the same. Seeking arrangements Canada is out of personal decision for some sugar daddies. They just want to be with young women and for this group of sugar daddies, it is impossible to have a monogamous relationship. They want to have multiple sugar babies which I think gives a sugar baby a chance to have multiple sugar daddies as long as she is able to be there for all of them when they need her. What happens when they want to go for a party with you on the same weekend? Well, some sugar daddies do not have a good reason why they are into it. Some are actually lured into it by their friends who are always talking about their experience. So peer pressure is here also.

What are some disadvantages of sugar relationships?

For those who already have families, sugar relationship might end up breaking them. Losing a family is very easy because your wife feels disrespected by your actions and her reputation is ruined not just yours. It is good to know that there is another person who is getting affected by your sugar relationships. Even children are affected. You might find two girlfriends but one of them is going out with the other one’s dad. If the daughter to the sugar daddy doesn’t like it, the friendship will come to an end and she will hate her father.

It can lead to contacting various diseases if you are not in a monogamous relationship. It doesn’t have to be HIV/AIDS, it can be any other disease. Some of them treatable while others cannot be treated. It is good to consider your personal health when getting into these relationships.

Secret arrangements make you a slave. The moment you see his call and you are a sugar baby, you are on the move. You have to answer when he calls. The money you receive from him puts you in a comfort zone until you cannot go to work, you feel satisfied with what you get from him. Sugar relationships can be beneficial and dangerous at the same time. For those who have loved ones already, it is good to consider them and try to figure out what they might go through because of your actions.