5 Topics You Need To Bring Up to Sugar Dadddy

a sugar daddy relationship must succeed to be as truthful as you can, but you should still keep some things to yourself. Want to know what things your sugar daddy should know about before getting too involved?

What’s Your Relationship Status?

It’s important to talk about your relationship status – talk about the people you are sleeping with. He’s not going to believe you if you tell him you’re a virgin, even if he’s something you’d think he’d want to hear. Sugar daddies don’t like the idea of monogamous relationships and will find it less stressful if you feel the same way he does.

If you want a monogamous relationship, you need to make him aware of this. You don’t want to risk heartbreak if you find things don’t go the way you thought. Be open in your talks about what to expect.

Make Him Aware Of Your Previous Sugar Daddies

Go ahead and tell him about your experiences with other sugar daddies. Let him know how they worked out, what happened to them, and what type of arrangement you had. If you were intimate with those sugar daddies, let your sugar daddy know this. This will help to eliminate the chance for a negative experience.

Tell Him about Your Financial Expectations

Your sugar daddy will want to know what your financial expectations are – what kind of financial state you are currently in and what you’d like to see happen. Are you currently paying student loans offer? Do you have out of control debt? Your sugar daddy should know what you’re currently facing and how he can help you.

You should also be upfront with him about what you’d financially expect from him. What do you need – figure out your allowance minimum to determine if he’ll be the right sugar daddy for you.

Go Ahead and Share Your Personal Issues

Don’t think for a second that a sugar daddy doesn’t care to hear about the personal problems you have. Still, you don’t need to go overboard with the information. Just provide him with a glance about the problem to make sure he knows that you do have things going on. If you don’t let him know that there are problems, you don’t provide him with the chance to assist you.

Sharing Your Feelings

Most sugar babies are not looking for a long-term relationship with a sugar daddy. However, it can happen – falling in love with a sugar daddy. Your sugar daddy must know about your feelings. If your sugar daddy is married and you’re falling for him, it’s time to consider another arrangement with another sugar daddy.

Lying can tear about a sugar daddy relationship. You should make your sugar daddy aware of the things going on, so he’ll understand why you’re not yourself during a particular time. While it’s important to stay sweet as much as you can, you’re only human and have feelings too. He’ll understand that so long as you tell them.