Sugar Baby Vancouver vs. Escort: What Are The Differences?

A large number of people use the words escort and sugar baby interchangeably. However, would it surprise you to know that sugar baby Vancouver and companion are not the same? There is a lot of differences between the two dating styles, and it's essential to understand this. How are they different?

Business Deal vs. Relationship

When an escort is out with a client, it's a business deal. They meet for a short period, money exchanges hands, and they engage in physical activity and go their separate ways. An escort has no relationship status, a one-time encounter, and that's it.

A sugar baby Vancouver is actually in a relationship with their sugar daddy Vancouver. They connect on an emotional and romantic level. This type of connection is desirable, and money is often secondary. This kind of relationship isn't like a traditional relationship. The investment in time, respect, and emotion – similar to a relationship – but here, it doesn't offer the same values as a real relationship.

Profession vs. Lifestyle Choice

Sugar babies Vancouver can choose the lifestyle while an escort is a business profession. A sugar baby dates financially secure men who have the money to give her the lifestyle she's looking for. A sugar daddy Vancouver can be selective about who she goes out with while an escort must take on any client she gets.

Escorts also take on certain risks such as abuse, theft, health risks, etc. It's not uncommon for them to be physically or emotionally abused.

Escort Dating vs. Sugar Daddy/Baby Dating

Sugar daddies treat their sugar babies with respect and kindness, doing whatever he can to ensure she is successful in life. A couple in this kind of relationship tend to respect each other. A sugar baby will be financially taken care of when she dates a wealthy sugar daddy Vancouver . He'll make sure she has everything she needs and isn't struggling.

Escorts, however, are paid to do a service – one time and gone.

Quantity vs. Quality

Sugar babies Vancouver have a life away from the sugar daddy dating world. They are often in college or already working for themselves. They want a sugar daddy to mentor them, helping them further their education and career. They tend to have long-term goals.

Escorts don't want a mentor; they want to be paid with no emotional connection to their client.

When it comes to sugar babies and escorts, sugar babies are more about giving emotional support and respect. They don't see the dating experience like a job.